My Story

My Story


A special relationship  begins

  Even as a child, I'd often come home with stray kittens, orphaned birds and ill or injured animals. I looked for natural ways to help them heal, strengthen their bodies and become healthy and fit.

What resulted was a lifelong interest in animals as well as natural healing, nutrition and herbs. I learned to use botanical herbs to treat my own health issues  and shared my knowledge and experience with my family and friends, including our pets.

Since my first love has always been  animals, I studied animal massage, physiotherapy and osteopathy. Those courses reinforced my understanding of how the body  heals itself naturally when given the correct nutrition and adequate opportunity.

Food plays a major role in keeping our pets healthy - it is the true foundation for optimum health.

The search for healthy pet food

When two bouncy  Border Collie puppies joined our family, I knew I wanted to give them the best nutrition possible, right from the start while their bodies were growing and developing. However, despite all the choice on the market, nothing  provided both the nutrition and the health benefits I was looking for.

Major brand name pet foods contained plant-based protein, grains and fillers, or herbs at such low levels that they didn’t actually contribute to the overall health of the animal. I knew our pets deserved better. So I started creating my own recipes by mixing different brands and adding fruits and vegetables, botanical herbs and supplements to a food that met my standards.

And the results were good... very good. Our dogs were healthy and strong, and our cats enjoyed long, active lives,  but getting the mix just right was difficult, expensive and inconvenient.

I needed to keep a large number of ingredients in my cupboards to ensure the correct nutritional balance and I was the only person who understood everything that was added and why.  No one understood how to prepare the food to feed my pets if I was out on appointments treating animals or was away on holiday.

Until one day, someone said to me ‘With all your knowledge of animals, natural healing and herbs, you really should make your own pet food’. And so that's what I did.

Celtic Connection for a long, active, happy life

I wanted to help other pet parents  feel  good about what they fed  the furry members of their family too so I created highly-nutritious, convenient and affordable pet food.

Knowing that dogs and cats are carnivores and need lots of meat in their diets, I started handcrafting recipes that included freshly-prepared, ethically-farmed poultry or fish as the principal ingredient. I avoided gluten, grains, GMOs and fillers as these can cause inflammation, allergic reactions, stiff joints and digestive problems.

Instead, I used my knowledge of ancient herbal wisdom, remedies and cures inspired by the Celts to make my own ‘Celtic Connection’ between food and healing.

I added a mixture of healthy fruits and vegetables and more botanical herbs than are found in other pet foods to help restore and maintain natural health and vitality.  To keep joints comfortable and organs functioning at their best for a long, active and happy life, I supplemented the glucosamine and chondroitin found naturally in the fresh meat and  added MSM.

I created Celtic Connection Holistic Pet Food because I could find no other pet food on the market that provided the level of nutrition and natural synergy I wanted for my own pets.

This food truly is a labour of love, made for people who love their pets.